Behind The Scenes with Profoto Camera app Android - Shapers Of Light

Behind The Scenes with Profoto Camera app Android

Behind The Scenes with Profoto Camera app Android

Photographers Molly Baber and Kristina Babak were commissioned to create exciting photo shoots for the new Profoto Camera app for Android.

Read on to get a behind the scenes glimpse into the making of the photos and how they got the shot!

On set with Kristina Babak

profoto android beta app photo shoot model make up
Photo: Kristina Babak


behind the scenes photoshoot kristina babak profoto
Photo: Marko Pirc
Lighting Diagram

How I Got The Shot

  1. First I attached flowers with decorative tape to a clear cast acrylic sheet creating a frame of flowers. I hung up the flower arrangement using two lighting stands, a pole and two spring clamps and I placed it about two meters from the background. As a backdrop I used a linen sheet to give the background a nice texture.
  2. To light the background, I attached a softbox RFI 1×4″ to a profoto A10 + adapter and placed it at an 320° angle so that it would hit the background and at the same time cast a highlight on the models hair and side of her body.
  3. After that, I asked the model to step on set to place the key light and match the acrylic sheet to her height. For the key light I used a softbox RFI 2×2″  with grid and a B10 and put it onto a boom arm stand. I placed it directly over the acrylic sheet  slightly overlapping with it, making sure that the light hit some of the flowers without causing reflections in the acrylic.
  4. Next I set the profoto camera app to pro mode and adjusted the settings until I was satisfied with the results. A great feature of the profoto app is that it allows you to shoot in RAW, which brings smartphone photography to the next level. The sharpness of the images is impeccable.

On set with Molly Baber

dark haired model studio portrait photo shoot profoto lighting molly baber
Photo: Molly Baber. Model: Deniz Atik. MUA: May Zahedi.


behind the scenes photo shoot profoto lighting model studio portrait molly baber
Photo: Marko Pirc
lighting diagram studio portrait profoto
Lighting Diagram

How I Got The Shot

  1. Firstly I lit the background with a Profoto B10 + WideZoom Reflector + grid, camera left to the back of the backdrop, just out of frame. I pointed it down to create a ‘lightbeam’ effect on the backdrop.​
  2. Next I lit the subject with Profoto B10 + RFi Softbox 3′ Octa + grid, camera left, adjacent to the model. I had the model facing the light to create a short lighting effect on the face, creating depth and shadow in her cheekbones.​
  3. With the Profoto Camera App I adjusted the settings as you would with a regular camera. White balance, ISO, shutter speed, plus the changing the flash power to get the correct exposure.
  4. Lastly I held a glass prism in front of phone camera lens to play with distortion effects. This was really fun as every shot is so different depending on the angle and placement of the prism. I had to be very precise to achieve the desired effect. With the Profoto Camera app I was able to lock the focus on the model’s face. I then added in the prism to create the trail of fragmented ghostly reflections.
  5. The wide angle of the Samsung 20 camera helped me achieve this effect, as with a smaller focal area, the fragments are less visible and more blurred. The same effect could be achieved with a 24mm lens for example, but I was very impressed with the result. I had so much fun using the Profoto Camera app!

Kristina Babak shot 2

profoto camera app for android kristina babak

Molly Baber shot 2

profoto camera app for android molly baber
Photo: Molly Baber. Model: Deniz Atik. MUA: May Zahedi.


We hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes glimpse into our shoots! Check out the @ProfotoGlobal TikTok channel to see our behind the scenes videos!

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